Support Us

While this cause and this website require more than one person in order to function, as the person who started this and paid for the domain and who’s idea this originally was, I want to personally give you my promise about how your donations and financial support will be used.

First and foremost, I promise no one who gets paid from working for the Congressional White Caucus is going to be getting paid to live the lifestyles of the rich and famous. Any who get rich working for the Congressional White Caucus will do so only because they know how to manage and invest money wisely. People will get paid modestly and fairly for their services.

Money will go to the maintenance of this website.

Savings — Anything involving politics costs money. In order to achieve our goals we need to save money. Every effort will be made to not spend elaborately on political campaigns and lobbying, but anything political does require money. To that end, every effort to build a savings for this cause will be made.

All donations are welcome, however given the nature of politics, it is not uncommon for a large donor to gain a lot of sway and power in an organization. I want to be clear from the beginning, no donor, no matter how large or generous will ever gain control of The Congressional White Caucus. The values and mission of The Congressional White Caucus are not for sale. It exists to politically advocate for the benefit of white people.

The purpose and goal of the Congressional White Caucus will be the primary goal above all others. I started this to give a united voice to White People. To advocate for the causes of White People that uniquely effect them and no other race of people. To find people across America and unite them together in advocating for the unique causes and issues that White People have. To ensure White people do not become the minority in America, the country their forefathers created.

This was not started for my own personal fame and glory and to get rich. It was started because it needed to be done. I would in all honesty, rather be left alone to live a quiet life.

The Congressional White Caucus is new, and needs all the help it can get. It is an on going process.  Please consider helping in any way you can. Ways to donate and support the cause financially will be updated as time goes on.$MrHypnoToad