The mission of the Congressional White Caucus is to advance the global white community by developing leaders, informing policy, and educating the public.

The purpose of this caucus is to give people of the White race, a voice that represents their interests the same as all other races have. Just as the Black race, the Asian race, Native American race, etc all have their own groups speaking for their own unique concerns and issues as a collective racial group, so do we advocate for the white race to have their own voice. We recognize that the White race matters and our voice matters as well.

We welcome allies of other races who believe that the White race deserves a voice just the same as them. We prefer to be your friend in this regard.

We believe that our race, has a rich culture and heritage, that like all other people on earth, is filled with both good and bad. We cannot undo the mistakes of the past, but we choose instead to celebrate the good our race has done. We are as such proud to be white and proud of our ancestral heritage.

We are not a group of hate yet we do not believe in being cowardly. Standing up for oneself is not a hate crime.

Lastly, it is our desire that White people can and aught to remain the majority in their own country(s) and that this is not a crime against humanity to desire this. All other racial groups have the right to be a majority in their own country(s) and no one discourages this. It is only the White race that is taught that it should be ashamed of itself, and that it is wrong to be the majority in it’s own country(s). We seek to have our own country(s) of which we already occupy and are the majority in, and to remain the majority in those country(s).