What is this website?

The goal of this website is to advocate for the interests of white people in a legal manner.

Why do white people need a special group to advocate for them? Aren’t they already the majority and advocated for by other groups?

While it is true white people are the majority in America, the demographics are rapidly changing as such this will not be the case forever. Furthermore, there is no single group in America that specifically advocates only for the causes of White people in a legal manner. White people do not have advocates in the same way that other races and ethnic groups do. 

What do you mean “White people do not have advocates in the same way that other races and ethnic groups do”?

This means while African Americans have the NAACP and The Congressional Black Caucus among other groups, Hispanic Americans have The Hispanic Congressional Caucus, Asian Americans have The Congressional Asian Pacific American Caucus, and so on. There is no one group that represents White Americans like a White Congressional Caucus.

Doesn’t the Republican Party already do that?

No the Republican Party is all inclusive and while it is made up of a majority of White Americans, it does not represent the interests of White Americans exclusively nor does the Republican Party even make an effort to specifically address the concerns of White people.

This sounds racist, isn’t this racist?

No, representing the interests of one group of Americans is not racist. If we are racists so is every other race and ethnicity that has special interest groups representing their unique needs and interests.

But you can’t be racist against White Americans? They are the majority. It is impossible to discriminate against the majority, plus minority non-Whites have been the victim of historical oppression like slavery. So it is fair that they get special interest representation.

Racism can be done against anybody, all that matters is that one discriminates based on their physical characteristics like race. While it is more common to hear about in the news, discrimination against non-Whites, this does not mean White Americans cannot and have not been the victims of discrimination because White Americans are a race as well, and as such, they can be victims of racism.

While it is true, non-White Americans have been victims of historical oppression like slavery, slavery in America was not just done by White Americans and only a small minority of Americans(1-4%) actually own slaves, and not all slave owners were White. Furthermore, White America fought a Civil War, our most violent war in our history to end slavery. Non-White Americans currently today have every opportunity to succeed in America.

The Declaration of Independence declares: “….that all men are created equal….”. If this statement is true, then we are all equal, and if we are all equal, then there should be no need for special interest groups like the NAACP and The Congressional Black Caucus, The Hispanic Congressional Caucus, Congressional Asian Pacific American Caucus, and so on. If these groups did not exist, The Congressional White Caucus would not be needed, but seeing as these groups exist and are not going anywhere for the foreseeable future, and White Americans are heading towards being a minority, then there should and ought to be a Congressional White Caucus to represent the interests of White Americans just the same as the other groups represent the interests of their particular racial and ethnic groups.

I still think this is racist. This sounds exactly like what Nazis and the KKK and other White Supremacist groups say to lure people in.

It cannot be helped if our wording is similar. It also cannot be helped what other people and other groups do. We are not those groups. According to the FBI crime database statistics, As can be seen, White Supremacy is not the biggest group that commits Hate Crimes in America. So if you are going to blame the KKK and other such similar groups, you must also be willing to use this same logic and say the NAACP is like Black Nationalist groups committing hate crimes against White Americans.

Let’s say I believe you and this isn’t another version of the KKK. What exactly do you want?

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